The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Body Fat Scale

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Body Fat Scale

Body fat scales can be a primary indicator to determine one's overall health and are a more advanced option to conventional scales. Instead of simply measuring weight, these scales send low electrical currents in the body via the feet.

Tissues and muscles with a higher water content allow the current to pass much easier. However, since fat has a comparatively low water current, it can resist the current. In short, the higher impedance is, the more fat there is in the body.

Man Stepping On Smart Scale

For more accurate results, the scales incorporate personal data such as age, fitness level and sex to evaluate your body fat percentage.

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Reasons To Purchase The Best Body Fat Scale

Wondering why you should spend all your savings in a high-end body fat scale? Here is a couple of reasons why you should invest in the very best:


You get what you pay for, which is why you should consider investing in the best quality products, especially when it comes to health care. Low-quality scales are likely to display inaccurate results from time to time.

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To save yourself from the stress, consider investing in a high-end brand that won't let you down. The most expensive scales will offer the most accurate results. If you’re on a limited budget, look out for special deals and discounts to save money.

Comprehensive Understanding Of Your Health

Some people regularly weigh themselves to stay fit. However, a regular weighing scale won't tell you much about your health. Studying body fat percentages provides users a qualitative understanding about why you're losing weight.

When you step on a normal scale, you get the total mass of everything: the liquids you drink, undigested foods, well, you get the picture. All these things are variables that can be altering your weight from time to time. If you want a real outlook on your health, you should purchase a body fat scale, which will allow you to keep a check on body fats.

Additionally, folks who don't want to lose muscle mass will be alerted immediately, which will provide them the opportunity to cut back on cardio. However, if you are gaining fat, the scale will notify you immediately so that you alter your diet and start eating healthier.

Better Health

Your weight alone cannot be an indicator of good health, which is because your overall weight does not distinguish body fat from lean muscle mass in the body. This reason is why appearances can be deceiving.

Two people may weigh the same, with one person being healthier than the other people of low-fat content. Excessive fat is a serious problem that can endanger your health. Obesity can cause diseases such as diabetes, heart condition and certain forms of cancers.

Fortunately, investing in the best fat scale with advanced features will allow you to distinguish body fat from muscle mass. Smart scales also measure the amount of water in your body, bone mass, exact body mass index, and the number of calories you require or need to burn. All this information comes in handy if you're trying to stay healthy.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Body Fat Scale

Buying the right scale can be a challenging task, here are a couple of factors you should consider before purchasing a body fat scale.

Smartphone And Smart Scale

Wi-Fi Scales

When purchasing a body fat scale, consider purchasing a model that has Wi-Fi connectivity, which will allow you to track results through a website or app, eliminating the need to note down measurement on a piece of paper.

Wi-Fi connectivity is a handy feature since some apps have multiple features, allowing you to keep track of fitness bands and blood pressure all in one go. This feature will provide you a better outlook on your health.

However, some users may find setting up the system more difficult compared to conventional scales, which won't be much of a problem if you have read the instructions carefully.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Most high-end fat scales offer Bluetooth connectivity, which allows folks to sync their scales to other devices. This feature particularly comes in handy if you are using multiple fitness apps on your phone and would want to see all the results on a single screen.


Invest in a device that has a large and clear display. This feature will make it easier for you to read the results when you are standing on the scales. Some advanced models also include a wireless display unit which you can mount on the wall, which will eliminate the need for you to slouch for a better view.


Most important of all, the scale should be easy to use and labeled clearly. If not, you may have problems in setting up the system. Ensure the manufacturers offer customer support and are ready to respond to all of your questions and queries.

Programming the scale shouldn't be too difficult. If you're having problems, ensure you have read the instructions carefully. Some brands also offer video tutorials that offer detailed instructions on how you can set up the system.

User Profiles

It’s advisable you purchase a body fat scale that will allow you to make individual profiles, for all the members of your family that are using the scales. Some weight scales also allow users to create a guest profile, which comes in handy for people who won't be using the scales regularly and will not require a permanent profile

Smart Scale User Profile

Easy To Set Up

The scale should be easy to set up and come with easy to follow instructions. Useful diagrams, detailed instructions, and tutorials are likely to come in handy. Most newbies have trouble interpreting the results so if you have never used a body fat scale before, ensure it is easy to read.

Hand-Held Body Fat Scales

Are you suffering from arthritis are simply don't want to deal with the inconvenience of bending down to read your measurements? Here's where a handheld body fat scale can come in handy. Unlike conventional scales that require you to step on the device, handheld models only require you to hold on to the handles.

Hold the handles for the recommended time, and soon enough, the machine will display your results. While these devices may be comparatively expensive compared to conventional types, they are definitely worth the purchase.

On the downside, hand-held models produce slightly less-accurate results so don't be surprised if your body fat percentage has been fluctuating a lot.

Usable On Carpet

If you don't have hard floors, ensure the body fat scale can work on carpet, which allows folks to measure their weight without any problems.

Advanced Features

There are many advanced scales on the market that display additional information such as bone mass, muscle mass, and BMI. This feature can especially be useful for folks who want to lose fat but not muscle.

Some scales also display goals while looking at your personal information such as sex, height, and age, which will allow you to keep a better track on your fitness goals.


Some scales also have advanced features that allow you to analyze or detect the body's water content, which is quite useful and helps people keep track of their overall hydration levels.

Water Next To Woman

Handy Tips For Purchasing And Using Body Fat Scales

Are you investing in a new body fat scale? Follow these simple tips to get the best results:

  • Use the scales only to measure progress. Many people make the mistake of comparing body fat percentages to their spouses or friend's score
  • Ensure the scales are suitable for you according to your age and overall weight. For example, if you kids will be using the scales, ensure you calibrate it for children. Similarly, the scales will also need calibration if an athlete steps on it
  • To ensure you’re getting the right results, measure out some water beforehand, about an hour before you weigh yourself. Always drink the same amount of water before testing the scales
  • Skin temperature may affect the scales. While it may be difficult, consider testing yourself in the same room every time
  • Don’t step on the scales after exercising. Working out will cause you to get all sweaty which means you will lose water, which will cause the hydration level to vary
  • The most accurate devices are likely to be more expensive. Remember, you get what you pay for, so purchase the most expensive device that you can afford
  • We want to help you purchase the best body fat scales! Here is a list of some of our favorite products based on different categories

Best Hand Held Body Fat Scale

We have tested and reviewed many hand held body fat monitors, and this is our top recommendation:

Omron HBF-306C BodyLogic Pro Hand Held Body Fat Monitor

This device will record your data such as weight, gender, age, and height. It features advanced technology that allows users to produce accurate and fast results. Some notable features of this product include:

  • Unique Sensor - The Omron HBF-306C resembles the shape of a video game which means you can hold on to the handles. The electrical pulses will pass into the body via your hands, notifying you about your weight, fat percentage, and BMI
  • Tape Measure - The monitor includes a special 60-inch MyoTape, which you can use to measure any body part
  • Easy and Quick Settings - Thanks to the normal and athletic settings, you can conveniently switch the settings according to your goals and physique. The device can display results in about 7 seconds and has enough storage to save the personal data of 9 people. You can also switch to a guest mode. The device is incredibly easy to use

While some body fat scales on the market resemble traditional scales, the Omron HBF-306C take things up a notch because of its handheld model. Unlike, most scales in the market that send electrical currents via the feet, this device works by sending current to the hands.

Omron Body Fat Monitor Review

Omron Body Fat Monitor Review

With the help of this device, users can keep track of their weight. This way, you can make sure you are losing fat and not muscle mass. Best of all, the device has enough storage to save nine personal data profiles so the entire family can keep track of their weight.

Best Digital Body Fat Scale

We've tested bathroom scales that measure body fat – but are they any good? We've found our best pick for you.

1byone Body Fat Scale

The 1byone Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale is one of the leading scales on the market and can display results in a matter of seconds. This feature will give you a comprehensive outlook on your health. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Easy Setup - With this ingenious product, you don't have to worry about setup problems or to connect the device to a Wi-Fi connection. All you have to do is download the app and switch on your Bluetooth connection. You will receive stats in a matter of seconds, this adds convenience, allowing folks to track their health progress more easily
  • High Precision Sensors - The scale features four high precision sensors. It can weigh from 11 to up to 400 pounds if necessary, which ensures accurate results so that you can take appropriate measures to take care of your health
  • One App is All You Need - All you need is one app to monitor the health of your entire family! The 1byone wellness App 2.0 is capable of recording the health of up to 10 users, which means you will require only one app to monitor your family's health
  • Track Data Easily - The app displays results using easy to read trend lines, which enables users to target and compare their progress over time

The app displays result in charts, lists, and graphs, allowing users to see how well they are progressing.

1byone High Capacity Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale

1byone High Capacity Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale

4.7 out of 5

What's best is that you will receive instant results on your phone, which will make tracking your health progress and weight loss a much easier process. The scale has an attractive glass architecture that blends well with any bathroom interior.

Best Digital Body Fat Scale With APP

Reach your goals with the best digital body fat scale with APP for weight loss on the market.

Yunmai Color Smart Scale

The Yunmai Color Smart Scale has a modern, sleek design that you’re bound to love. Available in 3 elegant colors, the versatile scale is great for keeping a track on your health. Some notable features of this product include:

  • 10 Essential Health Measurements - All you have to do is step on the scale, and it will provide you a comprehensive data about your overall health. The scale will offer precise measurements on weight, body age, body fat, bone mass, BMI, Body age, visceral fat, BMR, water, muscle rate and Protein. All the measurements will be directly sent to your smart phone which can access via the free app, which makes tracking health progress and weight loss a breeze
  • No Setup Required - Unlike other scales in the market, with the Yunmai Color Smart Scale, you won’t have to worry about complicated set-up instructions or connecting the device to Wi-Fi. You will receive the appropriate stats within a matter of seconds
  • BIA - This particular model uses advanced BIA (bioelectric impedance analysis) technology. So, if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant or are using any other kind of medical device, consult your doctor first
  • Instant Setup Guide - Once you download the app, you will be asked to set up your profile, you can do this easily by entering your height, age, and gender. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth connection is switched on. Once you set everything, all you have to do step on the scale and the rest will take care of itself

All you have to do is step on the scale and open the app. Since there is no complex setup requirement, you can start tracking immediately.

Yunmai Color Smart Scale Review

Yunmai Color Smart Scale Review

Fitness freaks can sync the Yunmai App with Google Fit Step, Apple Health or Fitbit to benefit from a highly integrated health system. The new app connects all of your results and metrics to data charts, which allows users to share their progress and keep an eye on their fitness levels.

Best Wi-Fi Body Fat Scale

Not sure which new, high-tech smart scale is best? We have find the best one for you.

Withings Body Scale

If you're serious about your health and want comprehensive at-home analysis, it's hard to argue with the well-designed and full-featured Smart Body Analyzer. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Full Body Composition - All you have to do is step on the Withings Body scale, and you will be able to view all vital composition metrics of your health. The single scale displays water percentage, muscle mass, weight and body fat. For added measure, the screen also displays a graph, showing your last 8-weigh-ins, which makes it easy for users to identify weight trends
  • Personalized Coaching - Retain your motivation to lose weight with the Withings Health Mate app as it syncs automatically for the scale, which makes it easier for folks to keep track of goals, get rewards and view graphs. The app also offers the ability to pair with multiple fitness apps, which allows users to track their performance
  • Multi-User Friendly - Is your entire family eager to lose weight and switch to a healthier lifestyle? The body fat scale can record and automatically record data of 8 users. If you're sharing the scales with someone, who has similar weight, lean in to see if the scale is displaying the name of the correct user
  • Spot-On Accuracy - Withings Body Scale features an advanced Patented Position Control technology that helps display more accurate readings. The scale also uses on-screen arrows that will guide you in adopting the correct stance

The Withings Body Scale is an advanced Wi-Fi scale that offers patented position control technology, which ensures users benefit from the most accurate results. Best of all, you can sync the scales to your smartphone to keep track of your weight goals.

Withings Body–Body Fat Scale Review

Withings Body–Body Fat Scale Review

With a price drop and useful added features, the Withings Body Scale would make a solid addition to any connected, health-conscious home.

Best Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Finding the best smart scale on the market can be tough, but finding the best bluetooth smart body scale can be tougher. So, which is the best Bluetooth bathroom body scale for you? Find out here.

Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale

The Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale is a sleek and stylish bathroom scale that looks great in any setting. However, this isn’t just some ordinary scale. Aside from weight, users can also measure body fat, water mass, muscle mass and body mass index. Some notable features of the product include:

  • Added Security - Up to 8 people can use the scale and download the free app on their phone. Most people worry about misuse of their data but rest assured, the app guarantees that all your data syncs securely and separately. So, if you share the scales with your family members, you won't have to worry about them seeing the results. Using the app requires Bluetooth technology. You can integrate the app with Apple’s Health app, Fitbit, and Google Fit
  • View Your Results without a Smart Phone - Fortunately, you won't need a smart phone to view your results. Unlike other scales that display results using an app, the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale will display the results on the screen. You can also view the results later on your phone if you want.

You can use Bluetooth technology to sync all of your data in one place using your mobile phone. The scale is fairly easy to set up which means you’ll be able to set it up in no time. Customers have also found that the device connects in a few seconds which is unlike other devices in the market.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

If you track the other body statistics that this scale can, then you can fast track your progress a bit more. This is perfect if you are serious about getting healthy and fit.


A traditional bathroom scale may not be the best way to determine how healthy you are. Follow our guide to purchasing the best body fat scale to monitor your health in the most effective way possible.