Omron Body Fat Monitor Review

Omron Body Fat Monitor Review

Are you planning to start a weight loss regimen? Experts state that you need to track your weight and body fat percentage at home if you want to achieve success with your efforts. Obviously, you don’t want to head to a gym to weigh yourself or go to a pro for checking your measurements and body fat percentage.

The ideal solution for you is investing in a body fat monitor that you can use at home to track the relevant numbers. There is no dearth of products that you can use for measuring your weight, body fat, and body measurements in the comfort of your home.

Omron Body Fat Monitor Box

However, the wide variety of devices means that selecting one can be a challenge. The features you need to look for including the tools that you can receive for taking measurements rather than the price of the product.

About Omron Body Fat Monitor

Your best option is to buy a product from a brand that is reputable and reliable. Omron is one of the best brands you can refer to for selecting a body fat device. The HBF-306C Handheld Body Fat Monitor is one of the best products you can find on the market. 


  • Includes a body tape
  • Delivers accurate results
  • Two modes
  • Up to nine people can use it
  • Results in seven seconds


  • Risk of inaccurate readings

Features of Omron Body Fat Monitor

Here is a look at the main features of this device:

Accurate Results

The device is a product of several years of development and research. Omron certifies that the device offers accurate results. You can use the tool to track your body fat, weight, and body measurements at home.

Body Tape

A standout feature of this product is the body tape it comes with, which you can use for measuring your body and checking the results of your efforts.

Omron Fat Analyzer Features

Two Modes

You have two modes to choose from when taking your measurements. The modes include athletic and normal, which means you can select a mode according to the level of exercise you perform on a daily basis.

Quick Results

The body fat monitor takes only seven seconds to show results. The handheld device is easy to use, so you don’t have to apply it for a long time to get measurements.

Multiple Users

This handheld product is suitable for the entire family, as you can set up memory profiles for up to nine people. You get great value for money with this product, as multiple users can benefit from it at the same time.

Ease Of Use

The stylish design of the product makes it easy to operate. The device features handheld operation, so you don’t have to put in excessive effort or time to get the readings you need.

What Others Say About Omron Body Fat Monitor

A majority of reviews for this product on Amazon are highly positive. Most customers who purchased this fat monitor are happy with its performance. A customer wrote that he did not expect much from the device because it is inexpensive. However, the monitor surprised him by providing accurate results.

He states that the monitor performs better than the monitor at the gym, which costs thousands of dollars. Another customer wrote that he uses the monitor not just to check his body fat percentage but also keeps track of his body measurements, which adds to the usefulness of this product.

Omron Body Fat Monitor Box Back Side

A customer stated that he primarily purchased this monitor to track the success of his weight loss efforts after he changed his diet. He goes on to say that he uses the tape measure and the body fat calculator.

He does state that there is some disparity between the measurements of different devices, but they are within the same range. A customer praised the product with a full rating, simply stating that it does an excellent job. Another reviewer mentioned the importance of following the instructions the manufacturer provides, saying that it is the ideal way to get accurate results.

A customer wrote that while he is happy with the body fat monitor, he feels disappointed that he did not receive the measuring tape that is part of the package. He goes on to say that the Omron Fat Loss Monitor for tracking fat loss percentage as he continues losing weight.

On the flip side, a few customers did not have a pleasant experience with this product. A few reviewers mentioned that the monitor does not show accurate results. A customer went as far as describing the product as a waste of money.

Another reviewer wrote that the device might not be the ideal choice for people who have a low level of body fat. He states that the monitor is more suitable for people with high body fat percentages.

Another customer stated that he returned the product because the readings fluctuated with regularity. The review mentions that the customer followed the instructions from the maker but despite that, did not display accurate results.

Omron Body Fat Monitor Buying Advice

You can conveniently purchase this body fat monitor online from Amazon. The device is available for around $50, whereas you have to pay extra for shipping. The best part is you will receive the product at home, which means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to purchase this body fat monitor.

Omron Body Fat Monitor


Final Verdict

Overall, this body fat monitor is a decent product. You receive a wide range of features that enable you to track your body fat percentage as well as your body measurements. The package includes all the items you can use for tracking the results of your diet and weight loss efforts.

There may be some inaccuracies as far as results go, but the low price means that you get great value for your money. You should consider purchasing this product.

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