Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

One of the major health concerns we face today is weight. According to CDC, obesity can lead to many life-threatening medical conditions including heart diseases, type-2 diabetes and a few types of cancers.

Hence, it is important to keep track of all relevant data that revolves around maintaining good health. Weight management does not just involve consuming a healthy diet. You also need valuable tools to monitor your progress to accomplish your weight loss goals.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Options

Unlike conventional bathroom scales that only displayed a number, the current smart scales are designed to offer an inclusive report of your overall health. One such efficient smart scale is The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale. It is a perfect accessory to monitor and record all important information such as bone mass, BMI and body fat.

About Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale comes with a contemporary design. It utilizes the Bluetooth technology to sync all relevant data to your device. Since it is convenient to use, even first-time users can easily get familiar with all of its features in no time.

The scale is extremely convenient to set up and easily connects via Bluetooth to a mobile device. It provides consistently accurate results to achieve your weight loss goals. Due to this superior performance, The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale is one of the most accurate scales of our times.

Before purchasing a smart scale, you must identify the metrics that are important to you. For a large number of people, it is usually the BMI or body fat. But why not buy a smart scale that gives you a whole lot of other information regarding your general health.

Undeniably, this Bluetooth smart scale is an impressive product from Greater Goods. To help users, it also features a digital getting started guide to make setup a breeze.

Since it is designed to cater to eight different users, you can use the scale for multiple users. Now you can easily track health stats such as BMI and body fat of your entire family. Moreover, this scale is engineered to measure up to 400 pounds.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Display

With an intuitive app, you can measure your metrics in several different categories. It provides you with detailed graphs and charts to give you an insight of your daily progress.

The smart scale conveniently syncs with several iOS and Android devices. You can easily set goals and automatically upload all data every time you step on the scale. However, it is not designed to monitor your daily calorie intake. The black color of the scale gives a chic appearance to the scale.

Some users complain that the sleek lines that appear on the images are not as definite on the actual scale. However, it is one of the best looking smart scales that are currently available to today’s tech-savvy consumers.

The scale’s backlit display is one of the highlights of the machine. It is so large that users can easily read it even if there is little light in the room. The main body of the scale is slender and boasts a tempered glass design.

The Auto-On functionality of the product gives it an edge over the conventional scale. By purchasing this model, you get a quick body fat analyzer. Just step on the conductor, and you get all the information you need to help with your weight loss journey.

Once users get done with the user set-up, the auto-detection connects them to their profile. In case the device fails to match up to any user profile, the Weight Guru scale only displays the weight result. The smart scale weighs 4.5 pounds.

The scale is 0.9 inches tall and is convenient to move around the place. It is easily stored in any small area, thanks to its ultra-thin design. This impressive digital smart scale also features a five-year manufacturer warranty. Weight Gurus offers an online product manual with a prompt customer support via email and phone.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Programs

It is straightforward to set up as the scale syncs with your device through its ‘Weight Guru’ application (for all Android and iOS users). As soon as you have downloaded the application, make sure that you store all your profile data into for allowing the application to calculate accurate results accordingly.

Users can easily export all data from the application using several ways, including spreadsheets, text file, and CSV.

What Others Say About Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart connected Body Fat Scale offers a wide range of unique features to customers. It also provides an opportunity to sync your weight guru scale wither other notable applications such as MyFitnessPal. The body composition calculations work with your stats including gender, height and activity level to prepare your analysis.

Customers are satisfied and happy to purchase the scale as it offers several important features, unlike other conventional scales. With a 4.4 inch display, all information is super-easy to read with a neon blue background lit. Reviewers note that the display is convenient to read even in a low-lit area.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Buying Advice

The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale is a high-class digital scale that is built to calculate accurate results. It is one of the best affordable smart scales available in the market. It is a great product for its price as it can be the perfect choice for people who have never bought a smart scale before.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Source: bodyfatanalyzer.com

All instructions are easy to follow, and the setup does not take too much time. It maintains a decent rating and maintains good reviews on Amazon.com where you purchase it for less than its original price. It is available at a 40% discount on Amazon that is for $60 with free shipping.

Final Verdict

People who have a pacemaker or any electronic medical implant should not use this machine. Pregnant women and children under ten years of age should also avoid using this scale.

The Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale is a perfect machine to help you accomplish your health goals. It is also a perfect gift for all fitness enthusiasts to serve as a valuable weight loss accessory.

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