Withings Body – Body Fat Scale Review

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Review

A handy body fat scale can help you track your weight and body fat at home. You simply have to step on to the scale and use the features to track different measurements, including your bone mass and muscle mass. There are many products available on the market, which means you should stick to a model from a reliable brand.

Withings Body is a reliable and reputable brand when it comes to body fat scales. The Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale is among the best options available to you.


  • Easy to use
  • Analyses fat, weight, muscle, and bone measurements for the entire body
  • Data syncs automatically with the Health Mate app on your phone or tablet
  • Nutrition tracker features enables you to follow a fixed calorie intake
  • Provides a daily weather update when you check your weight
  • Up to eight users can use the tool at a time with separate profiles


  • Some issues with accuracy

Features of Withings Body – Body Fat Scale Review

Here is an overview of the main features of this product:

Analysis Of The Full Body

You can use this body fat scale to analyze your body weight and other measurements for the entire body. The patented Position Control Technology the brand incorporates in this scale gives you accurate readings for your bone and muscle mass, as well as Body Mass Index (BMI) and water measurements.

Withings Body – Body Fat Scale Features

Auto Sync

The best feature of this body fat scale is all the information transfers to your phone or tablet. You simply have to install the Health Mate app on your devices. The device ensures automatic synchronization via Wi-Fi. You can install the app on any Android or iOS device, which means you don’t have to use the scale to check the measurements every time.

Track Nutrition

Use this tool for tracking your weight loss progress. You can set the weight goal that you want to achieve, and the tool will help you track your progress. You can also program a daily calorie budget using the nutritional tracking feature you receive via the app. The feature will ensure that you don’t consume more calories than you should if you want to reach your target weight.

Daily Weather Update

An interesting feature that enhances the usability of this body fat scale is the daily weather update. Simply step on to the scale, and you will receive a weather report for your region. You can check the temperature and decide on your attire for the day, according to the weather.

Multiple Users

The tool allows you to store weight information and history for up to eight users at a time. The great thing is that the scale recognizes who is using it at a given time, which means there is no risk of confusion. You can invest in this body fat scale for your entire family, which gives you more value for money as compared to models that simply tell you your body fat and weight.

What Others Say

A majority of people who purchased this product on Amazon gave it positive reviews. The features the reviewers praised include the app as well as the design of the device. A customer wrote that the scale is lightweight and thin, making it easy to move around without any hassle.

Withings Body – Body Fat Scale Mobile Apps

He praises the body fat scale for tracking different metrics, including body fat and muscle mass without the need to input any specific information or instruction. A customer stated that the app is great as you can sync it with other weight loss and tracking apps, including FitBit.

A customer wrote that he is happy with the performance of this body fat scale. He purchased it a while back and did not have complaints regarding the results it offers. A customer stated that he initially hesitated about buying a smart scale because it feels like a fad.

However, the scale helps him track his weight and weight loss efforts without hassle. The customer also praised the fitness ecosystem that Withings Body offers, which includes the app as well as other features. He further states that the app works well with other apps and tools, which provides a more rounded performance.

On the flip side, a few customers had a few complaints about the product. A customer wrote that the body fat scale does not offer accurate results. He states that the weight fluctuates every time he steps on the scale, even with a difference of thirty seconds. The difference in weight is up to ten pounds.

The customer tried using the scale on different surfaces, but the performance did not improve, and the results weren’t consistent. Another customer wrote that the scale keeps fluttering and does not display readings other than fat and weight.

A great thing about Withings Body is that the brand personally responds to each negative review and complaint, assuring customers that they will rectify the issue to the greatest extent possible.

Buying Advice

You can conveniently place an order for the Body Fat Scale from Withings Body on Amazon online. You can purchase the product from the comfort of your home and receive it at your doorstep with free shipping.

Withings Body – Body Fat Scale

Source: uk.pcmag.com

The device is available in two colors, namely black and white. The price varies based on the color you select. The black model is available for around $110 with free shipping, while you can buy the white model for around $130.

Final Verdict

Overall, this body fat scale is one of the best on the model. The price is low, the features extensive, and the reviews highly positive, making this a great product you should consider buying.

A major reason to purchase a product from Withings Body is that the brand pays extra attention to customer support, and they will address any issues or concerns you might face when using the product.

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