Yunmai Color Smart Scale Review

Yunmai Color Smart Scale Review

There are several factors that you need to consider before purchasing a smart scale. All current smart scales are engineered to measure not just body fat but to keep track of a whole lot of other information, which may include your bone mass, hydration level, and visceral fat.

You can browse hundreds of models that are currently available in the market to choose the best one to suit your needs. However, a smart scale must be capable of measuring your BMR and BMI.

YUNMAI Color Smart Scale

This smart scale offers a comprehensive body fat analysis to give you an insight about your general health. All it takes is to step on the scale, and you get a detailed report highlighting all important information regarding your overall well-being.

About Yunmai Color Smart Scale

The Yunmai Color Smart Scale successfully analyzes your entire body from head to toe. You can easily create your weight profile with the help of its app to track almost all factors that are involved in assessing your health.

  • FDA Listed Smart Scale Brand
  • 16 Users Tracking Management
  • Multiple Body Measurements
  • 5 Seconds Setup
  • Prompt Customer Service
  • Free exchange/refund within 30 days
  • Yunmai APP Sync with Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit

Thanks to a free smartphone app that is compatible most of iPhones and Android phones, you can easily store and sync all relevant data. Let’s take a look on some other notable benefits of this product:

  • Convenient and easily perceptible graphs to monitor your weight
  • Keeps a record of important factors such as your food intake and exercise
  • Can store information of up to 16 different users
  • Goal tracking capabilities
  • Alarm clock to set reminders
  • Large 3.8-inch screen display
  • Congratulates you on accomplishing your goals

By utilizing the smart step technology, the scale functions as soon as you step up on it and you don’t have to switch it on every time you need to use it. You will receive all measurements on your phone, so you can keep track of your progress and review it later.

You can easily maintain it by wiping the scale with a damp cloth. It is a tough machine that gives you accurate results and does not malfunction. It is an incredible product for all users who shy away from complicated smart scales that offer little convenience to its users.

YUNMAI Color Smart Scale Connectivity

All first-time users can easily get familiar with the device by going through the instructions. The Yumani Color Smart Scale is designed to measure the following crucial metrics.


  • BMR
  • Hydration
  • Body Age
  • BMI
  • Body fat
  • Bone mass
  • Muscle rate
  • Visceral Fat
  • Weight

Moreover, it also features Bio Impedance sensors to guarantee accurate results, every time you use the scale. The scale benefits from Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone for supporting up to 16 unique profiles. Since it also works with several apple and android products, the Yunmai smart scale is a popular product among weight watchers and tech-savvy people.

It is compatible with iPod Touch 2 and iPad first generation as well as works with many upgraded versions of these devices. The Yunmai color scale is available in 5 different colors including pink, green, light blue, yellow and white.

What Others Say About Yunmai Color Smart Scale

This product is one of the most popular and preferred choices of smart scales among fitness enthusiasts. It is very convenient to use and features a contemp orary design. Hence, you are no longer restricted to keeping it in your bathroom and can place it anywhere you like.

Customers who purchased the Yunmai Color Smart Scale find it an extremely valuable product. With its intuitive features, the scale offers a convenient user experience. Unlike other conventional smart scales, it doesn’t just display your weight but helps you to accomplish your weight loss goals. You can set reminders and store information.

Not just that, you also receive a congratulations message on achieving your goals. Users also praise the scale for offering a convenient and quick set-up. Simply download the application and create your profile and let the scale automatically connect to your preferred device through Bluetooth.

Yunmai Color Smart Scale Buying Advice

The Yunmai Color Smart Scale is a convenient and safe product that enjoys good reviews and an impressive rating on All interested buyers can purchase it from Amazon at a jaw-dropping discounted offer of $50 with free shipping, which means that you have to pay less than half the original price when you purchase it from Amazon.

YUNMAI Color Smart Scale


The application is easy to use, and the graphs begin to make sense with every passing week. If you are looking for an attractive, smart scale that monitors and stores your information, then this is the best affordable model designed to perfection. All users benefit from a five-year warranty and email support. All important information is available in the product manual.

Final Verdict

This product is an incredibly useful smart scale for all health conscious individuals. If you need a trusted smart scale to accompany you on your weight loss journey, then this product is your perfect companion.

The app also features a food diary log to assess your eating patterns and exercise routines. Unlike other conventional smart scales, it keeps you motivated via reminders and congratulation messages every time you accomplish a goal.

Since it is designed to store up to 16 individual profiles; you can use the Yunmai Color Smart Scale for the entire family. This model is just what you need to keep track of all your health information to improve your lifestyle.


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